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Web Marketing Ezine

April 16th., 2003               Issue #222                ISSN 1444-2027



1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views


- An E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms

- Spam. How Much Of A Problem?

Cluetrain Manifesto Thesis #33

Free Online Image Editor:  myImager

- The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

- Free Training Course of the Week:  PHP Scripting

- E-Commerce Term of the Week: Server-side

4. A Touch of Humor: BMW Gets Blue Windscreen of Death

5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Articles: 


- 8 Reasons To Promote Your Local Business Online

- How To Write Sales Material That Sells

- Do's and Don'ts for Building Your Site's Link Popularity

8. Administrivia

1. Top Sponsor's Message


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2. First Word



Hi All!


I received a good-news email this week from my friend Shelley Lowery, Webmistress of web-source.net. Shelley is also the author of Web Design Mastery, one of my favorite courses/reference books on that very important subject. If you're planning to build your own website, or want to know enough to control others who are doing it for you, I'd thoroughly recommend Web Design Mastery to you. Shelley's email was to give me the exciting news that Web Design Mastery has just been completely updated, and re-formatted in PDF. You can find out more here...(Usual ethical disclosure... I am an affiliate of Shelley's program.)



Thought For the Week:


 "Happy people plan actions, they don't plan results." 
- Dennis Waitely


Till next time,




3. Tips, Tools, News and Views




An E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms


The University of Delaware has put together a very useful Dictionary of E-Commerce and Marketing terms. You'll find them conveniently listed on one page, here...



Spam. How Much Of A Problem?


There's a debate raging on the Internet, and it's centered around spam. Some people are completely consumed by the problem, and make it their life's work to stamp out the problem. Sadly, sometimes their 'medicine' is worse than the disease. For many of the rest of us, spam is an almighty nuisance that we have to confront every day. We rail against it, we look for software to defeat it, we argue amongst ourselves as to which is and isn't the best way to deal with it. It's easy to think that everybody has a monumental spam problem, just like us. Time for a reality check...


A recent Pew Internet and American Life report analyzes the email usage of Americans at work. 


"Those who use email at work say their electronic communications mostly contain content that is highly valuable to their work. Fifty-two percent of them rate their email as being �essential to their work,� and an additional 34% rate it as moderately important. While spam (unsolicited email) is a growing problem for personal email accounts and for the Information Technology specialists and Internet Service Providers who are trying to stanch its flow, little spam reaches the on-the-job inboxes of American workers. 

53% of work emailers say that almost all of their incoming email is work-related and 
58% say that almost all the email they send is work-related. 
75% say that only a little of the email they receive or send at work is personal. 
71% say that only a little of the work email they receive is spam. 

Spam is a problem. It's a theft of our time, and our bandwidth. It needs to be dealt with, but it isn't the greatest problem most email users face. Those of us in the web marketing community need to keep our eye on the donut, not on the hole.

Read the full Pew Internet Email at Work Report here... 

Cluetrain Manifesto Thesis #3

"Learning to speak with a human voice is not a parlor trick. It can't be "picked up" at some tony conference."

Read the whole Cluetrain Manifesto at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/cluetrain.htm

WME Supported By...


New 2003 Edition Just Released! Professional Web Design Secrets the Pros Don't Want You to Know...


"Finally, a Web design course that makes total and complete sense! Web Design Mastery will quickly become the "Bible" for anyone who wants to build a website. Totally top shelf!"- Rick Beneteau


Nothing is left to the imagination...Web Design Mastery takes you step by step through the entire process. Don't miss out on the special, introductory price, or the bonuses, click here!




Free Online Image Editor:  myImager

If you're using PhotoShop, don't bother to go here! It's not for those who are already proficient image editors.

On the other hand, if you'd like to work with images for your website, but don't want to take the plunge of learning another program, then the myImager.com service is well worth a look.  It's a free, easy-to-use online image editor

MyImager allows you to easily upload graphics from your computer, or the internet. Once the image is loaded, you can go to work. First thing you can do is to manipulate the image- crop, resize, rotate left or right, and flip vertically or horizontally. Next, you can add text to the image, make it look like a button, or try changing the hue, contrast, saturation, brightness and lightness. After that, you have a number of options to optimize the image.

myImager is easy to use, and you don't need to worry about mistakes- at any point you can Undo or Redo at the click of a button. You'll be surprised how easy it is, so have a play with the free myImager.com online image editor.


The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

This is Business 2.0 magazine's third annual collection of "the most ill-conceived, embarrassing, and downright appalling developments of the past year." It's an impressive list. Never before has such a star-studded cast of major businesses and advertising/marketing professionals managed to ignore good taste, common sense, commercial reality, and the real needs of the customers they claim to serve. There are 101 dumb moments to choose from, but one of my favorites is...

#38 Over by the fryer vats, a despondent Ronald weeps quietly.

"Two months after launching the concept nationwide, McDonald's (MCD) discovers a tiny flaw in its "dollar menu" strategy: Charging folks a buck for a burger tends to lower profit margins. The fast-food company posts its first quarterly loss in 38 years as a public company, and CEO Jack Greenberg retires." 

These are the people you are competing with, so take heart, and have a laugh.

WME Supported By...

Web Marketing Ezine is enjoying a surge in our Search Engine rankings, and our traffic. We owe much of it to the advice of Dan Thies, now available to you in this excellent book.

Finally - a fast, simple, and effective system that targets your best customers and brings them to you for free. Get Search Engine Fast Start


Free Training Course of the Week: PHP Scripting 

PHP has become a very popular server-side scripting language, especially for creating dynamic Web pages for e-commerce and other Web applications.

To read an authoritative, free online PHP training course, The PHP Manual, visit Zend- 'The php Company'



E-Commerce Term of the Week: Server-side


Describes a technology or program that runs on the server in a client/server system (as opposed to running on the client-side, your local computer system). On the Web, CGI scripts are server-side apps whereas JavaScript scripts are client-side (they are executed by your browser). Java applets can be either server-side or client-side, depending on which computer executes them. 

-Source: NetLingo- The Internet Dictionary http://www.netlingo.com
The NetLingo Dictionary book is 528-pages of over 2500 terms. Learn more...

WME Supported By...




4. A Touch of Humor


BMW Gets Blue Windscreen of Death

Redmond, Wash. (SatireWire.com) � Microsoft announced this week that a version of its Windows operating system will be installed  in BMW's new 7 Series cars, a move analysts say will dramatically increase the vehicle's ability to suddenly crash for no reason. 

According to BMW spokesman Gehard Voorst, the cars, which will now take at least five minutes to warm up, will enable owners to  confidently cruise and compute at high speeds for several hours before the machine abruptly seizes and catapults the driver through the 7 Series' new "blue windscreen of death." 
-Source: SatireWire.com

Enjoy over 30 more marketing jokes on our new Marketing Jokes pages.

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6. Free Training Courses

Increase your knowledge; hone your skills; improve your results! Take advantage of some of the finest FREE training courses on the Web by visiting our Free Training Course listing at;

You'll find courses on IT, Computing, Software, Business and Personal Development.
With over 35 courses to choose from, you're sure to find something!



7. Feature Articles



8 Reasons To Promote Your Local Business Online

by Sharon Fling

If you're a local business owner, you've probably been wondering what to do about the Internet. Maybe you have already have a website, but it's taken more money out of your pocket than it's put in it.

You might be thinking you should get online...but you've heard it takes too much time and money. It's tempting to ignore the issue and hope it goes away, but there are some very good reasons to get moving - and promoting your local business online.


How To Write Sales Material That Sells

by Joe Vitale 


Joe 'Mr. Fire' Vitale reveals Bruce Barton's 6 secrets of successful ad-writing.


Do's and Don'ts for Building Your Site's Link Popularity

by Robin Nobles and Brent Winters

Offers 17 valuable tips on building incoming links to your site. The authors counsel focusing on the larger, more important sites and directories, and definitely not participating in link farms and FFA pages. Start building your site link popularity now...

8. Administrivia


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