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Web Marketing for 

Canberra, ACT Businesses



Web Marketing can have a dramatic effect on YOUR bottom line. We can help.


Web Marketing Isn't a Different World!


Forget the hype, forget the glitz, forget the propeller-heads. Those who thought that a New Economy could defy economic gravity have gone, along with their dot.bomb BS.


Web Marketing Can Boost YOUR Business. Now. Today.


Web Marketing is a collection of the most powerful, affordable business tools that have ever been available to small and medium businesses. And it should be integrated with the rest of your business. Supporting things you already do in new and cheaper ways, and opening up a whole new world of wonderful possibilities.


The tools of Web marketing include websites, permission email, newsletters, affiliate programs, search engine positioning, linking strategies, and even electronic books.


Your Knowledge + Our Experience + Web Marketing = Profit For You


You'll be amazed at what can be achieved when we combine your knowledge of your business, with our lifetime of local Marketing and Merchandising experience, and knowledge of Web Marketing.


That's right, we've been in local business for 30 years... in the real world of Retail, Tourism, Real Estate, Events, Sport and more. We've owned a small business ourselves. We've managed businesses for others; national, local, private sector and government. Been there, designed and sold the t-shirts. (Really!)


We've  also published an electronic newsletter called 'Web Marketing Ezine' that was read by thousands of subscribers in over 50 countries.


Together, we can find ways for you to reach new customers, and keep in contact with existing ones. Very affordably.


We know the realities of real-world business.

We know the power of web marketing

We know how to get high search engine rankings.

We KNOW we can help YOU.

Our recommendation costs under $30/month. Learn more.....


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