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Current Issue

                      WEB MARKETING EZINE
               The Human Face of Web Marketing

April 3rd., 2002           Issue #184              ISSN 1444-2027


1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views

- Be An Affiliate Champion: Free eBook
- Boogie Jack To the Rescue
- Pop-Up Windows Revisited
- How To Increase Your Overture Traffic
- How Many Small Businesses Market On the Internet?
- Free Training Course of The Week: The W3C
- E-Commerce Term Of The Week: Zine or e-zine

4. A Touch of Humor: Why Computers Sometimes Crash
5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Article: How to Create Hypnotic Headlines
8. Our Companion Ezine 
9. Administrivia

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1. Sponsor's Message

A Recent Email To The Newbie Club ......

"All I can say, is AMAZING. This publication is the best on
webbuilding I've read. And being quite new to the Internet and
keen on building my first website, I've read a number of
webbuilding tutorials. Not one can compare to the NC Webbuilder.
I especially love the newbie friendly language. It makes it all
so easy to understand. And every chapter is a nice digestible
length. Congratulations on a superb publication, guys. May the
Newbie Club only go from strength to strength.

Regards. James Sinclair"

If you haven't downloaded YOUR FREE evaluation copy of First
Website Builder yet, click this link to see why he was so
excited: http://newbieclub.com/builder/?free_membership

2. First Word

Hi All!

Well! There's a little bit of everything this week. Free eBooks;
a great resource for Popup Windows; SE advice: a corrected advice
on email worms; website marketing stats, and a humorous look at
'Why Computers Sometimes Crash' in A Touch of Humor. Not to
mention a motivating Joe Vitale Feature Article, 'How to Create 
Hypnotic Headlines' It should all keep you going for quite a 
while. Hope you enjoy it.

Till next week, have a good one!


Thought For the Week:

3. Tips, Tools, News and Views

Be An Affiliate Champion: Free eBook

Just in case you missed the email notice I sent you...

Thinking about earning extra income from Affiliate Programs?
Like to boost your current Affiliate Income?

Then this FREE eBook is for YOU! Written by Ken Evoy, developer
of the excellent range of SiteSell products, it is simply one of
the best collections of advice on the subject you can find.

To get your FREE download, just click on over to
(Disclosure: I am a SiteSell Affiliate)

After you've downloaded it, send me an email at 
[email protected] and let me know the name of the free
Ad Tracking software that's mentioned on Page . One lucky 
reader will win a free Top Sponsor Ad in WME!

BTW, if you didn't get your free copy of Dennis Gaskill's '100 
Cool Webmaster Tips' eBook, you SHOULD! It's available now at 

Boogie Jack To the Rescue

WME tries hard to bring you good advice each week, but more often
than we'd like, we slip up. Fortunately, we have some wonderful 
friends who can help us out. This helpful information, and a
Touch of Humor of his own, from Dennis Gaskill, aka Boogie Jack.

"Hi John,

Good issue. I hate to tell you this, but this trick (published in
the last Issue of WME)...

Here's what to do. Open your email address book and click on "New
Contact" or "New Person", just the same as you would to add a new
friend to your list. In the window where you would type your New
Contact's FIRST name, type !000. (That's an exclamation mark
followed by 3 zeroes.). Then, in the window prompting you to
enter the new email address, type the word WormAlert. Then
complete your entry by clicking "Add", "Enter", "Save", etc.

...doesn't really work. It will work against a few, so it isn't 
exactly incorrect advice, but most modern viruses either aren't 
fooled by such a simple trick, or have their own built in SMTP 
server and don't use the default email application at all for 
sending. And if they do, some email clients will simply skip past
the bad address after it times out and send to the rest. Here's 


Just thought you'd like to know for your own reference. You did 
well in encouraging folks to use antivirus software, as that's 
the only real protection. As fast as someone comes up with the 
cute little tricks, some virus writer will make a workaround to 

Loved the Touch of Humor this issue. Another moral that could be
surmised from the numbers is this:

"...it stands to reason that hard work and knowledge will get 
you close, attitude will get you there, but bullshit just doesn't
add up right (since no one can really give more than 100%)."

Keep up the good work.

Best regards, 


Dennis, thanks for pointing us in the right direction on the 
subject of worms. On the subject of BS, I have to gently suggest
that as I look at the standard of much of public life, that there
seems to be plenty of evidence that BS is responsible for more 
people achievimg their positions than knowledge, hard work or 

Dennis' excellent website is at http://www.boogiejack.com and you
can pick up a copy of his free eBook '100 Cool Webmaster Tricks'
at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/cgi-bin/a/t.cgi?100cwt 

Pop-Up Windows Revisited

Last week, as often before, we discussed for the subject of 
Pop-Up Windows. In the course of the article, I said "I won't try
to advise you on whether to use them, or not. But if you do, make 
sure it makes some sense; provides some benefit to your 
visitors." They DO have a place, and they obviously work for 
many people. I wanted to expand on that thought, but i didn't 
have the direct experience, so I went looking for an expert.

Having been given the task, my brain started working, and I 
recalled an eBook on the subject I had read about, and been 
recommended. The memory doesn't work as well as it used to, but I
finally tracked down the eBook. It was "PopUp Response" by 
Chayden Bates. Well, I read the (excellent!) sales copy, and 
decided to pick myself up a copy. I'm glad I did.

Chayden makes the same point I did about popups needing to be
appropriate to work. He discusses in great detail why, when and
how you can use popups to greatly increase your sales and 
subscription results. He includes everything you need to succeed
with popups- including information, plans, samples, a popup 
generator and javascripts. It's a great resource, that I'll be 
referring to often. 

As always, dear reader, you are notified when I have a financial
interest in any item mentioned in WME's editorial sections. I 
liked this eBook so much, that I joined Chayden's affiliate 

You can read more about PopUp Response at 
If you'd like to pick up some affiliate commissions on a great 
product, I'd be honored if you'd join through my link at

Host4Profit- A Website Host That Pays You Back!
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How To Increase Your Overture Traffic

Michael Wong, author of Search Engine Optimization Strategies,
publishes an excellent free newsletter. Here's a useful Tip from
this week's issue....

"Have you ever wondered why you get so little traffic from your
Overture listings?

The Los Angeles Times reported that about 95% of Overture's
traffic comes from its partner sites. These include AltaVista,
AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, Direct Hit, Go HotBot, iWon, Lycos, MSN
Search, NBCi, Netscape Search and Yahoo.

According to Overture, their Premium Listings (listings in the
top 3 positions) generate the greatest amount of traffic for its
advertisers. Premium Listings get double the amount of clicks
that their Classic listings (listings in position 4-240) do.

That means Premium Listings got 66% of the 442 million
clickthroughs in the fourth quarter of 2001. Overture receives
more than 3 billion search queries per month.

So, if you want more traffic from your Overture listings, I
recommend that you bid for the top 3 positions."

THAT cuts through the hype, doesn't it? If you'd like more good
advice on the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), why
not subscribe to Michael's FREE SEO Strategies Newsletter at
(Disclosure: I am an Affiliate for Michael's book.)

How Many Small Businesses Market On the Internet?

Over recent weeks, I've raised the issue of how many small-to-
medium offline businesses use the Internet for Marketing. I've
seen some figures I just don't believe after looking at the real

Now, some interesting statistics from OPEN Small Business 
Network. In a survey they found that two-thirds of small business
owners had "integrated the internet as a tool for their 
businesses." Sounds impressive. But wait. Of those small
businesses using the Internet, 29% used it for "marketing and/or 
advertising". Some quick math tells me that this means that less
than 20% of the offline small businesses surveyed used the web
for marketing and/or promotion. Now, THAT sounds a whole lot LESS

One place you can market YOUR Web marketing skills, is to the 80%
of small businesses who aren't doing ANY! Not to mention a large
slice of the other 20%, who aren't doing it very well.

Want to increase your Web Site Traffic? WebPosition Gold makes it
easy to monitor your search positions & to improve your rankings!
Don't be buried in last place, move up to first place! For a free
download, just visit http://www.webmarketingezine.com/wpg.htm

Free Training Course of The Week: The W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium is the body that sets Internet
Standards. If you intend to design a website, this is a course
you can use. 

To learn about this excellent Free Training Course, visit our 
Free Training Courses webpage, and look under Web Publishing.

E-Commerce Term Of The Week: Zine or e-zine

The term ezine is short for "electronic magazine." "E-zine" and 
"e-Zine" are spelling variations. A similar term is "ejournal." 

There are several usages of the term ezine. The term is similar 
to zine, an earlier usage in print media that derived from 
magazine and described "small press" or personally distributed 
magazines or newsletters. 
-Source: http://www.newbieclub.com?free_membership

4. A Touch of Humor

Why Computers Sometimes Crash

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,
and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.

If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash,
and the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash,
and your data is corrupted cause the index doesn't hash,
then your situation's hopeless and your system's gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house
says the network is connected to the button on your mouse,
but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol, 
that's repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall,
and your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss,
so your icons in the window are as wavy as a souse; 
then you may as well reboot and go out with a bang,
'cuz sure as I'm a poet, the sucker's gonna hang!

When the copy of your floppy's getting sloppy in the disk,
and the macro code instructions cause unnecessary risk, 
then you'll have to flash the memory and you'll want to 
RAM your ROM 
then quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom!

- With apologies to Dr. Seuss, and thanks to The Newbie Club

5. Classified Ads
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6. Free Training Courses

Increase your knowledge; hone your skills; improve your results!
Take advantage of some of the finest FREE training courses on the
Web by visiting our Free Training Course listing at;

7. Feature Article

How to Create Hypnotic Headlines
by Joe Vitale

Dr. Scott Lewis is a comedy-hypnotist performing at the
Riviera Hotel every Monday night in Las Vegas. He called me
one day wanting a truly hypnotic ad to run in the local
newspapers to pull in college students to his show. I asked
him to tell me what he already had in mind for the ad.
Here's what he told me:

"I'm thinking of using the headline 'Come do outrageous
things at the Riviera next Monday night'."

What do you think? Me, I didn't think it was a very hypnotic

For one thing, it's not engaging. It just sits there. It's
slightly active, in the sense that it says "come do
outrageous things," but that's not enough to truly mesmerize
busy readers of newspapers. Not today. And not college

For another, his headline would eliminate all the shy people
from going to the show. They might be afraid they would get
hypnotized and look stupid in front of their friends. After
all, far more people want to be spectators than performers.
Scott would miss his target audience.

I advised Scott to try the following headline instead:

"What outrageous things will you see your friends and others
do next Monday night at the Riviera?"

Now we have something truly hypnotic.

First, the question involves the mind. It forces you to
begin thinking of WHAT you will see next Monday. And it
begins the process of having you IMAGINE outrageous things.

Second, this new headline isn't confrontive. Good hypnotic
headlines sneak in under the radar and deliver their
message. This new ad says what will "your friends and
others" do, not what will YOU do. See the difference? It
makes it safe for you to go to the show. Your friends "and
others" are going to look like fools, not you.

All headlines can be improved by doing just three things:

1. Make them engaging.

My favorite way to engage people is to ask an open-ended
question. How can you use an open-ended question when
writing your next headline? (I can hear your mind whirling.)

2. Make them curious.

People are naturally curious. Appeal to their curiosity and
you can hypnotize them into doing almost anything. What can
you make them do with a curiously hypnotic headline? (Note
how your mind is again buzzing.)

3. Make them short.

When Scott asked me to review the ad with my new headline, I
realized we could add a shorter headline before the longer
one. This way we could telegraph our message and then pull
people into our hypnotic headline. So I advised him to make
the main headline, "Think you've seen outrageous?" We then
used the longer headline ("What outrageous things will you
see your friends and others do next Monday night at the
Riviera?") as the secondary headline. Don't be afraid to use
two headlines, as long as the first one is short and leads
into the longer, more hypnotic one.

Finally, how did the new headlines pull for Dr. Lewis? Just
call the Riviera in Vegas and try to get into his
"Hypnolarious" show next Monday night. You'll find his show
packed -- and you'll be amazed at the outrageous things
you'll see your friends and others do on stage there!

Joe Vitale is the best-selling author of numerous books and
tapes. His latest book is now available at
http://www.HypnoticMarketing.com He also has a seven-day
marketing course by email that anyone can have for free by
sending a blank email to [email protected]
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9. Administrivia


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