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Our Business is

To Grow YOURS!



Business is Tough


Hi, I'm John Payne, and I'm here to help you grow your business, and your bottom line.


The Canberra business community operates in a tough business environment. Sales have to be fought for, and every dollar possible has to be saved on costs. I've been in business locally for 30 years, and that's never changed!


It's Hard To get Good Advice


When you run a business, it's sometimes hard to get the sort of business advice you need. Generally your staff don't know as much as you. Your solicitor isn't a businessman, and you're accountant isn't an entrepreneur. What you really need, is 


- someone who's 'been there- done that'. 

- someone who's been successful operating a variety of businesses.

- someone who's got a track record of building sales and profits.

- someone with an entrepreneurial and promotional flair.

- someone who understands the numbers.

- someone who is 'switched-on' to the Internet, email etc.

- someone who will take the time to learn about your business.

- someone who will talk with you, not at you.

- someone who won't charge you an arm and a leg!


I'm that someone, and I'd like to help you.



A Few Of Our Services...


Small Business and Marketing Consultancy

With over 40 years in business, 30 years of it in Canberra, we have the broad experience and depth of knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. It's sort of like having your own Marketing Manager on staff!


"John is a highly skilled retail executive.... almost trebled the previous season's sales performance...a clear thinking, decisive person, a hard negotiator... fair and reasonable in all his dealings..." - John Murphy Managing Director Prime Industries Pty. Ltd. Canberra

"John has a professional approach and a business acumen which is well above the industry standard... His particular strengths lies in Marketing and Advertising together with a strong Promotional ability." - T.J. Allen Canberra Branch Manager Vulcan-Chef

"To see profit increase by over 100% is indeed very pleasing for everyone involved... thank you for the excellent work you are doing" - J A (Jim) Ferguson Executive Director Australian Sports Commission


Joint Venture Consultancy

You may be surprised how a little creative thinking can open up great possibilities for low-cost joint ventures with other businesses. Everyone's a winner.


"I have found him to be a skilled Marketer, innovative and trustworthy... Anyone seeking a self starter packed with enthusiasm and the ability to solve marketing situations in innovative way, should look at John Payne." - Kevin Fleming Sales Manager WIN Television Canberra


Retail Audit

Let us 'run the ruler' over your retail business, from A-Z. As an outsider, we can look dispassionately at your business. As experienced retailers, we know what to look for.


We'll tell you how you rate, what needs fixing, and what you can do to go to the next level of performance, and profit.


"John's success and experience in merchandising soon became evident... he identified and rectified significant shortcomings in the purchasing, inventory and sales strategies...John has a keen sense of commercial reality, and through his assessment of potential markets... has extended the commercial opportunities of the AIS Shop... all have shown healthy returns." - Neil Gray Director, Marketing Australian Sports Commission Canberra


Internet Marketing Consultancy

When we combine your knowledge of your business, with our business experience and knowledge of Internet Marketing, your bottom line will be the winner. Find out more, or...


"I have learned quite a deal about web marketing from your site over the last couple of years, resulting in top ten search positions for two of my web sites in niche categories with keyword optimization." - Kamau Austin Publisher, www.einfonews.com and Principal, www.adpronline.com


As part of our Internet Marketing services, we offer...

Web Site Design

Together with local web design specialists, HandleIT, we can design a website that will make a real contribution to your business. It may be basic, it may have all the bells and whistles. It's your needs, and your budget that will govern that. You'll get as much 'bang for your buck' as possible.


"I've just been to your site. Congrats on a site well done." - Richard Zucchi http://www.ask2k.com Search Engine/Directory

"I've had a chance to further evaluate your web site. Very nice job. Clean,
fast, user friendly." - Scott Sampson http://www.e-LearningCenter.com

Affordable Web Site Hosting

Your website needs a home. You can choose from five of the best web hosting Plans available on the market. Find out more... then


If you want YOUR business and profits to GROW tomorrow, then it's time to act, today!


"I find it enjoyable doing business with him..." - John Murphy MD Prime Industries P/L Canberra

"John helped me immensely throughout our working association..." - Pat Woods Massage Therapist Canberra

"It has been a great pleasure working with John..." Anthony Nicoletti GM Canberra Cosmos



"The best way to predict the Future,


is to create it"


Let's do it, together !


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+61 2 6282 6266