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Enviro-Friendly Products


There's no doubt that public opinion has moved towards more concern for protecting and preserving the environment. Much government regulation is moving in this direction, too. A feature of recent years has been the development, commercialisation and increasing acceptance of products that are environmentally friendly. They are also known as eco-friendly products, enviro-friendly products and green products. They all have one or more of the following attributes...

  • they help save water
  • they help save energy
  • they help save the environment and ideally,
  • they save money!

Enviro-Friendly Products was established in Australia in 2003 by John and David Payne, with the aim of helping their customers "Save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment." The business carries a wide range of products to meet this aim...

  • water tanks
  • water tanks that are connected direct to toilets, washing machines etc.
  • underground water tanks
  • standard solar hot water systems
  • heat pump hot water heaters
  • the new 'evacuated tube' lightweight solar hot water systems
  • low-flow AAA showerheads
  • hot water recirculators
  • grey water reuse systems
  • leafless guttering
  • waterless urinals

For further information on these products, please follow these links...

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