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Search Engine Optimisation is evolving rapidly, particularly with Google.


Years ago, a Google search resulted in 10 organic listings per page. While the rules (Googles algorithm) were always changing, it was comparatively easy to get your page onto Page One of Gogle. Do good content, get a few links, and you normally made it. If you were sitting even at #5, it was pretty sweet. Then the advertising arrived.


Now your #5 listing got pushed down into #8 by three ads. Not good, but allowing that search visitors don't click ads as much as organic listings, you still had a chance. Then Google Places arrived for many search terms. Damn!


There are usually 7 Places listings, so if you weren't there, what was originally your great #5 listing is now buried at #15- below 7 Places listings and 3 ads, and now virtually useless for traffic. What to do?


Where your search term invokes Google Places listings, the best thing is to get yourself one! There's a lot of work to do it properly, but at least it's free. In most cases today, it's easier to get top 7 Places listings, and onto Page One, than it is to get a webpage there. So get yourself a Google Places listing. And then?


Then you need to immerse yourself in a whole new paradigm. Some good content and a few backlinks used to do the job. But less and less so today.


Increasingly, websites are only one form of information being served up in Google search results. Your nice little site these days is getting buried by directory links, blog posts, YouTube videos and more.


In the past, you thought of Google as being search,with a whole lot of interesting and useful things off to the side. Today, you need to think (and train, and plan) differently. Here's one sentence that sum it all up.




My advice? Get yourself familiar with this new paradigm. As always, the people who can see the direction things are moving in, and position themselves accordingly, will ride the crest of the wave. The rest will be hit by a series of big waves, and many will drown. Personally, I plan to be in the first group.


WebMarketingEzine was founded in 2000. I've written on web marketing for 12 years. With my son, I built a multi-million dollar real world business on the back of a website, which was producing well over $1,000,000 a year in sales. I walked the walk. I knew enough to be successful then. Most of what I know today is insufficient. So what did I do?


Wanting to help local businesses, I crammed on Google Places. Right now, that's almost an easy way out for a local business. But the same wave that's overtaking websites is also flowing through (pun intended!) to Places listings. So what else did I do? I found myself someone who can see the big picture.Today, and tomorrow.


I watched a 90 minute video, read some information, and did some checking on the guy who looked most likely. He's been working Google+ since 2007, and obviously knows his stuff. Then I plonked down $97 of my own money (no review copy here to get a soft review).


I won't try and sell you on the product. I strongly suggest that you watch the video, and make up your own mind.


Not wanting to abandon the idea of free-standing websites, even for local business, I attended a webinar on creating and ranking websites, run by a couple of guys I had never heard of. The material was fascinating, the results people had achieved were truly wonderful, and everything I heard made sense. The webinar went for 2 1/2 HOURS. Hundreds of the participants stayed till the end, it was that good. I felt that the information was so valuable, and the approach so valid, that I've just purchased a copy of their information a. You can check it out yourself here...


(Disclosure: Having purchased both of these products, I joined their affiliate programs, & will get a commission on any purchase you make- John)


Over the coming weeks, I'll be weeding throught he articles below, taking out the outdated and outmoded. There's a new (Google) world out there, just waiting for us to prosper.

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