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May 29th., 2002                     Issue #192                      ISSN 1444-2027



1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views

- Free eBook: Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes 
Want Higher SE rankings? Check Your Keyword Density
Spam Proliferates
Keyboard Tips
- Free Training Course of The Week: Back Up Your Valuable Data
- E-Commerce Term Of The Week: ASCII Art

4. A Touch of Humor: Religious Merger Creates 900 Million HINJEWS 

5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Article:
Just Say "No" 
8. Our Companion Ezine 
9. Administrivia

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1. Sponsor's Message



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2. First Word



Hi All!


Over the last few weeks, I've heard a number of stories of people who have been severely inconvenienced by computer crashes or viruses destroying their data. Don't go there! Read Backing Up Your Valuable Data in this week's issue, and you'll find an excellent free tutorial on the subject. Go there!


Thought For the Week: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education"- Mark Twain 

Till next week, have a good one!





3. Tips, Tools, News and View


Free eBook: Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes


Last week I ran the following article. This week I'm running it again- with the link this time! Thank you to all those keen WME'ers who let me know that I had goofed. It's good to see that you're paying attention! 

We've all heard the statistics. Small businesses have a big attrition rate. Translation: Most Die. If you own a small business, or are thinking of starting one, then you can use some good advice, and David Frey is just the man to provide it. David is a long-time small business marketing consultant, and is the senior editor of the Marketing Best Practices Newsletter. He's also the author this week's free eBook download- "Six Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes" Read the book; don't make the mistakes, and you'll be well on track to succeed.

To get your free copy, go to the WME Downloads section at



Want Higher SE rankings? Check Your Keyword Density


One important part of ranking well in the search engines is to get the best keyword density for your web page. How do you do that?


1. Do a search on the keyword/phrase you want to rank well on, in the search engine you want to rank well in.


2. Note the URL of the top 2 or 3.


3. Visit the Webjectives website, and visit their keyword density analyser at http://www.webjectives.com/keyword.htm


4. Paste in the URL's of the top-ranking sites you have selected, together with the keyword/phrase. Check the keyword densities, and then run the same exercise with your OWN URL


5. Compare the density figures for the top-ranking sites and your own. Then modify your content so that your URL produces a similar figure


On its own, this technique isn't enough to get you to the top of the rankings, but it will help you improve.  



WME Supported By...

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Spam Proliferates


Not long ago, we took Hotmail and Yahoo! to task for sending unsolicited bulk commercial email (a good definition of spam). Now another of the 'big boys' have joined the sad collection of those who don't respect you. This from Dana Blankenhorne's excellent newsletter,



"Clueless is Amazon.Com, which crossed the line from semi-spam (sending former customers e-mails without explicit permission) to full-on spamming for "prospecting" purposes. As proof I offer into evidence an e-mail from "[email protected]," sent on behalf of such companies as Target, J. Crew, and Toys R Us, to [email protected], a non-existent address that has never sent e-mail to anyone. The spam (yes, I will say the word spam now in relation to Amazon, without apology) reached me after defaulting to my Webmaster's box."


If these guys can't see past the next dollar, they'll continue to take us down the road to killing off the very medium they are using. 


Keyboard Tips


All have been tested on Windows 98, so if you've got Windows 95, XP or whatever, give 'em a try anyway. It won't break!

Use the Windows Logo key ( let's abbreviate that to 'W') plus the specified key to obtain the results below. e.g.

Pressing and holding the Windows Logo key (W) while typing the letter "E" is shown below as "W+E."

W. Opens the Start menu
W+A Opens Accessibility Options if installed
W+C Opens the Control Panel
W+E Opens Windows Explorer
W+F Finds a file or folder
W+CtrlF Finds a computer on a network
W+I Opens the mouse properties
W+K Opens the keyboard properties
W+L Logs on and off Windows
W+M Minimizes all windows
W+ShiftM Undoes the minimize all action
W+P Opens the Print Manager
W+R Displays the Run dialog box
W+S Enables or disables the Caps Lock key
W+V Views the clipboard
W+F1 Displays Windows help
W+Break Displays the system properties
W+Tab Activates open programs in order

Startled? You ain't seen nothing yet. There are tons and tons more keyboard tips available in Keyboard Magic at The Newbie Club
It really will open your eyes. (Disclosure: I am a Newbie Club affiliate.)



WME Supported By...


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Free Training Course of the Week: Backing Up Your Valuable Data


What do you do with your priceless data? Just leave it to the whims of a crash-prone PC? Photographs, letters, recipes. Tax records. Stuff you've created, and don't want to lose. Get the full scoop on using the backup tools your Windows 98 PC comes with in this three part series. What to do, when to do it, along with strategy for easy backups.


To take this, and other free training courses, visit



E-Commerce Term of the Week: ASCII art

"An art form developed through the use of ASCII characters. ASCII art runs the gamut from simple little doodads in someone�s sigfile to complicated random-dot 3-D stereogram images that are quite impressive.  Click here to see one that'll knock your socks off!"

-Source: http://www.netlingo.com


4. A Touch of Humor

Attainment of Nirvana Still Goal, But Not So Important That You Should Miss Cousin Vijay's Bar Mitzvah

New Delhi, India (SatireWire.com) � Hinjew leaders today conceded the merger of Hinduism and Judaism has not worked out as planned, as instead of forming a super-religion to fight off the common Islamic enemy, they have instead created a race of 900 million people who, no matter how many times they are reincarnated, can never please their mothers.

"On paper, this was a textbook alliance � two smaller competitors join forces to take on a larger adversary," said New Delhi resident Chandra Gopan. "But the synergies are just not there. For instance, I still believe I must pursue my own dharmic path to ultimate happiness, but when I get there, I just know my mother will find something wrong with it."

Military officers, in particular, have found assimilation difficult. "We were all excited at first, especially about the Kama Sutra parts, but it's not going to work," Israeli Col. Benyamin Telluk said at a joint press conference with Indian officers. "I mean, just this morning, I was showing Col. Bhadrak here pictures of my family, and he said my wife was a cow."

"I said his wife reminds me of a cow," Bhadrak explained.

"Oh, you've said it again!" screamed Telluk.

"It's a compliment!" answered Bhadrak.

Hinjews across the world, meanwhile, said they also were too busy dealing with integration to worry about Pakistanis, Palestinians, or any other opponents.

"Surprisingly, it's not the big issues, like is there one God or are there many? It's the little things," said New York City Hinjew Nathan Feldman. "Like my Hindu half acknowledges that this world is full of suffering, but my Jewish half just goes on and on about it."


However, most agreed that even if other issues could be overcome, maternal obstacles to Hinjuism would always exist.

"Yesterday, my former self was killed in a car accident," said the late Gori Bhupendra of Madras. "But I had good karma, so I was reincarnated this morning into the Vaisya caste. To me, this is a step up, right?"

But then Bhupendra's former Sudras mother tracked him down.

"She says, 'Oh, Vaisya now, is it? Very nice. Of course, your former brother is a Ksatriya, but he was always an overachiever.'"

Meanwhile, Muslim nations, citing the difficult Hinjew merger, said they have discontinued talks with the world's largest religion to form Chrislam.

"It wouldn't have worked anyway," said Imam Satra Mohammed of Damascus. "The first time we drank the communion wine, we would have all had to kill ourselves."

Copyright � 2002, SatireWire

5. Classified Ads

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7. Feature Article

Just Say "No"
by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

I used to put everyone else's requests and needs first and if there was any time left over at the end of the day for what I needed and wanted to do, that was acceptable. That is until I began to realize that if you and I are going to be effective time managers, we have to stay away from allocating our time solely on the basis of those who demand it. Instead, if you and I are going to be effective time managers, we have to allocate our time on the basis of those who deserve it.

I don't mean this in any negative or arrogant way. It's just you have limits to the amount of time you have to spend and so one of the most powerful words in your Time Management vocabulary is the word, "no". Almost everyone you encounter will think they have a better idea about how you should be spending your time. It doesn't make others bad. It's just the way the world works. If there is a void in your Time Management life, someone, or many for that matter, will jump in to fill that spot. The problem is that they do not have the full understanding of where you are taking your life and if you keep saying "yes", they will continue to take up your time, possibly keeping you from accomplishing what you really want to do.

"No" is sometimes difficult to say because you have been taught differently. You have been taught to say, "yes", to please, to serve, and to accommodate. There is nothing wrong with saying "yes" most of the time, but occasionally there is a line you choose not to cross, when saying "yes" is really not the best use of your time to get you to where you need and want to be.

If you had unlimited amounts of time, you could "yes" all the time to everyone. But you don't. You have 24 hours each day, 7 days a week for a total of 168 hours. And you get to spend that time only once, so you have to spend it wisely.

I have listed seventeen ways here to say "no". Don't let me put the words in your mouth. Take the ones you like, change them around and you use the words that are comfortable for you. The point is, if you are ever in a position when you can never say "no", then you are always saying "yes", and like the song says, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything".

Try these:

"I'm sorry. That's not a priority for me right now."

"I can't help you on this now, but I can get to it next week. Would that be okay?"

"I have so much on my plate now I don't know when I can get to it. But I do know someone over here who can help you now."

"Before I take this on for you, let me show you a few things so that you might be able to do it yourself."

"I have made so many commitments to others, it would be unfair to them and you if I took on anything more at this point."

"If I can't give you a ride to the school dance on Friday, how else would you get there safely?"

"I don't know how soon I can help you on this, but I will get back to you as soon as I am free to help you."

"I'm sure we're close enough that when I say "no" you'll understand it's for a good reason."

"Sure I can help you with your request as long as we both agree and understand that the item I agreed to do for you yesterday is going to have to wait."

"Before I take this over from you, what do you think we ought to do about it?"

"I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, I sure can do that for you. The bad news is, I'm so overloaded with everything else, I've become delirious and have been lying about my commitments."

"When I get overwhelmed like I am now, I remove every third person who asks me for something, from my "Good Friends List" and the second person just left."


"Thanks for thinking to ask me, but, no thanks."

"I would like to help you out on this but you understand I don't have the resources available to do the right job for you."

"Now that's the type of thing I would love to help you on if only I had the time."

"Just like you, I get overloaded sometimes and have to tell some very special people, "no". This is one of those times."

And as you speak, smile.

Want some easy tips to help you to get more from your boss without having to say "no"? Get your free copy now of "The Boss Question". Email your request for "boss" to: mailto:[email protected]

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Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
Professional Speaker
Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
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Shelton, CT 06484
(800) 969-3773
(203) 929-9902
fax: (203) 929-8151
email: [email protected]
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Professional Member-National Speakers Association

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