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Web Marketing Ezine

June 19th., 2002                    Issue #195                      ISSN 1444-2027



1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views

Why I Joined CASHevolution
Don't Let Them Guess

View Your Web Pages At Different Screen Resolutions
Web Design Tip- Modifying Your Links
- Free Training Course of The Week: More Luck
- E-Commerce Term Of The Week:

4. A Touch of Humor:
FBI Accused Of Passing Secrets To U.S. 

5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Article: 
Do-it-Yourself News Releases for Small Business
8. Our Companion Ezine 
9. Administrivia

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1. Sponsor's Message

You'd kick yourself if you didn't find out!

2. First Word



Hi All!


This week we do a couple of things out of the ordinary.


The first is to tell you about a program that we've joined, but not tell you why! You'll just have to find out for yourself.


The second is to include a free training course, called 'The 20-Day Boot Camp in Building Success and Good Fortune'. It may seem more in the area of Personal Development than Web Marketing, but trust me, it will help you.



Thought For the Week: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." 

Till next week, have a good one!





3. Tips, Tools, News and View



Why I Joined CASHevolution


I have just joined a unique Investment/Affiliate Program called CASHevolution. And now I'm going to do something unusual.


I'm not going to recommend it to you, or tell you why!


I value your readership, and respect your right to make your own decisions in an important area like this. I'll simply tell you that I joined, and that you can read full details of the program at CASHevolution  Please take the time to visit.


If you decide to join, and I hope you do, it'll be a pleasure to welcome you to the WME team. As you'll read, our promotion of CASHevolution in Web Marketing Ezine, can directly benefit YOU. Let's work together to create a better financial future for ourselves. 



Don't Let Them Guess


Earlier this year Consumer WebWatch Report looked at features US users consider "very important" on shopping websites. The results are interesting...


95% "A statement of all fees that you will be charged for using the site, including shipping costs, transaction fees and handling fees."


93% "A statement of how the site will use your name, address, credit card number, and other personal information you provide."


89% "An explanation of when you can expect delivery of your products or confirmation of your order."


88% "A statement of the site's policies for returning unwanted items or cancelled reservations."


81% "The email address, street address or telephone number where you can reach the site's staff about any problems."


76% "The site's private policy."


Human nature being what it is, many consumers will tend to be cynical about a site's policies, probably assuming the worst. Tell them what your policies really are, and you immediately remove some areas of doubt. You also look a lot more professional. Guess what all that does to conversion rates, and your bottom line?


WME Supported By...

Being lucky is a skill, just like any other skill. As you learn it and you practice it, you get better. You get luckier. How do I know? Because I learned it myself - beginning from absolute zero. 

My name is Charles Burke, , and I wrote the book on luck - literally. With Command More Luck, you can start calling the shots. Take charge of your luck, your success, your love-life... Act Now! 


View Your Web Pages At Different Screen Resolutions


Good web design practice, and common courtesy, suggest that you should make sure that your web pages look good at different monitor resolutions. After all, not everyone uses that great 19" monitor you have running at 1024x768, do they? In fact, the majority are using a much more humble 88x600. How can you see what they see? This handy tip was published in Monday's LockerGnome...


"A lot of Web designers have asked for a way to preview their site(s) in other screen resolutions the easy way, without keep changing their own monitor settings every time. Of course, one way is to resize the browser's window into the specific sizes - like 800x600 or 640x480 - using bookmarklets. Browsers like Opera 6.0 and Mozilla 1.0 have a zoom feature built- in, but Internet Explorer needs to rely on a CSS extension. Try adding this to your body element: "zoom: [value]" (replace the [value] with either integers or percentage values, sans quotes). Now, test your math skills! Calculate the percentages needed to emulate resolutions on your screen. For example, if you're at 1024x768 and you want to see your Web page in 800x600, use a 72% zoom value. To see your site in 640x480, use a 40% value."



Web Design Tip- Modifying Your Links


Want to remove the underlining on your links? Want to change the color of your links? Shelley Lowery, author of Web Design mastery, tells you how...


Removing a Link Underline

You can remove the underline of an individual link by adding the STYLE tag to your link HTML.

Example Code:

<A HREF="http://www.yourdomain.com" STYLE="TEXT-DECORATION: NONE">Your Link</A>

Browser View:

Your Link

Changing Link Colors

You can change the color of an individual link by adding a font tag in front of your linked text.

Example Code:

<A HREF="http://www.yourdomain.com"><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">Your Link</FONT></A>

Browser View:

Your Link

Copyright � Shelley Lowery 2002

Web Design Tips is an excerpt from Web Design Mastery - An Internet Marketers Copy & Paste Reference Guide. Learn how to design a professional web site in the easiest possible fashion -- with hundreds of copy & paste codes.

(Disclosure: I am a Web Design Mastery Affiliate.)

WME Supported By...


Professional Web Design Secrets the Pros Don't Want You to Know...


"Finally, a Web design course that makes total and complete sense! Web Design Mastery will quickly become the "Bible" for anyone who wants to build a website. Totally top shelf!"- Rick Beneteau


Nothing is left to the imagination...Web Design Mastery takes you step by step through the entire process. Don't miss out on the special, introductory price, or the bonuses, click here!


Free Training Course of the Week: More Luck


Charles Burke is the author of 'Command More Luck', a liberating and empowering book that helps us set free from the circumstances that hold us back, and shows us how to start making our own luck. Now, Charles has produced a free 20-part free email training course he calls the 'The 20-Day Boot Camp in Building Success and Good Fortune'. I commend it to you.

To take this, and other free training courses, visit



E-Commerce Term of the Week: Compression

A method for storing text, data, or images in fewer bits, it makes data smaller so less disk or file space is needed to represent the same information. Consequently, the information may be transmitted in less time. Compression takes place via one of several compression standards, including JPG, MPEG, GIF, TIF, and ZIP.

-Source: NetLingo- The Internet Dictionary http://www.netlingo.com 
The NetLingo Dictionary book is 528-pages of over 2500 terms. Learn more...

4. A Touch of Humor


FBI Accused Of Passing Secrets To U.S. 
Information Could Haven Fallen into Wrong Hands, Such as FBI

Washington, D.C. (SatireWire.com) � In an alarming breakdown of internal security, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation today was accused of passing classified, terrorism-related information to the United States.

The leak, in which information was successfully passed from an agent in the field to headquarters, was believed to be a first in FBI history.

FBI Director Robert Mueller, however, insisted the breach was detected before the classified documents could fall into the wrong hands, such as the CIA, the NSA, the Office of Homeland Security, the FAA, or any other U.S. law enforcement or security agency. But Mueller was forced to concede that the FBI itself had gained access to the files.

He also admitted that the suspect likely had an accomplice on the inside.

"The agent in question sent the information to headquarters, which in itself might not have aroused suspicion," said Mueller. "However, when a supervisor attempted to disseminate the information to Homeland Security, that tipped us off that something unusual was happening."

The agent was immediately arrested and the supervisor placed on administrative leave.

As for a motive, Mueller speculated it was financial. "Our initial investigation shows that an agent in the field was being paid to gather information, which he was then passing on to his superiors," he said. "In return for this subterfuge, the agent was furnished with a car and an annual salary.

"We believe the FBI was the source of this funding," he added.

Particularly distressing, Mueller said, was the bravado displayed by the alleged mole. "He did this quite in the open, sending the information through the proper channels, apparently confident that he would not get caught."

The FBI promised to eventually blame the CIA for the incident.

-Source: Copyright � 2002, SatireWire


5. Classified Ads

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7. Feature Article


Do-it-Yourself News Releases for Small Business

By Heather Reimer

How do you create some serious buzz about your online or offline company on zero budget? That's what Celina wanted to know. She's the owner of a website that specializes in desktop publishing and site design.

It's a small, fairly new company with no money to commission a professional media release. Still, Celina wanted to get the word out so she asked me for some tips on how to write her own release.


First, put yourself in the reporter's shoes. Try to imagine what kinds of stories would interest her and how you can make her job easier by dropping a good story right in her lap. Ask yourself:

What sets your gizmo or your company apart from the competition?

Have you recently launched a new product or service?

Personnel changes, awards, events, surveys, poll results and joint ventures can all be spun into news stories.


Did you have to overcome some great challenge or difficulty to arrive at where you are now? Or maybe one of your clients had a special, urgent need that was filled by your product/service?

Bottom line - human interest sells. For example, big lottery jackpots would never make the news if they blatantly promoted the lottery corporation itself. But notice how the media flacks writing the releases always focus on some aspect of the winner's life... an ailing grandmother in need of expensive treatments, a house that recently burned down and now can be rebuilt, etc. In other words, the human angle that newspapers, radio and TV just gobble up!


Write an enticing subject line, headline and first paragraph. Get to the point quickly. Believe it or not, most news writers and editors only take five seconds to decide if they'll act on your announcement or not.

News reporters themselves have been trained to write using the "inverted pyramid", putting the most important information -- who, what, where, when, why and how -- at the top. And that's what they expect to see in your media release.

Unfortunately, most releases wind up in the garbage/delete folder because they start weak, take too long to get to the point, or are full of hype and puffery.


Keep the self-promotion to a minimum but do include all your contact information -- e-mail and snail mail, URL, phone and fax numbers -- plus a brief explanation of what your company does. Emphasis on brief! In fact, keep the entire release to under a page if possible.

The exception to the rule is complex subjects, like for example an economic forecast, aimed at a niche market not a general audience.


If a photo is available and helps tell your story, by all means include it. This could make your release jump out and demand attention from a busy editor who sees nothing but black and white type all day.


Try to send your release to a specific person working on a specific beat at each media outlet, at least locally. This will require some research but will ensure that a warm body actually gets your announcement.

And keep in mind, the media love a "local boy/girl makes good" story so really target your hometown newspapers, magazines and TV/radio stations and work that angle!


If you're having a hard time finding any angle at all, ask a friend or a business associate to lend a fresh perspective. You may be too close to your own business to see the forest for the preprocessed paper products. An objective bystander's insights might surprise and inspire you!


Finally, proofread your finished product meticulously for errors. Then get your friend to do so as well. Two heads are better than one. Ten proofreads are better than two.

In conclusion, give the media something they can sink their teeth into. Dig hard, think laterally, navel gaze until you find the one thing about your company that the public (and therefore the media) would be interested in.

By handing reporters a ready-made story on a silver platter, you're sowing the seeds of some serious buzz!

About the Author:

How can you free up your time and improve traffic and revenues? Hire an experienced writer/editor. Heather Reimer writes action-provoking news releases, e-zines, web content, sales letters, ads and articles. Get a free content analysis report when you request an estimate. [email protected]

- Content Provided by Syndicator

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