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Web Marketing Ezine

August 14th., 2002                  Issue #202                     ISSN 1444-2027



1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views


- Get Their Attention With A Slide Show: Free Script

- Seek, And Ye Shall Find

- Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #8, #9, #10
- Product Review: 'How To Promote Your Local Business On The

   Internet' eBook.

- Spyware Links

- Free Training Course of the Week: Negotiation- Closing The Deal 

- E-Commerce Term of the Week:  ZIP or .zip

4. A Touch of Humor:
In Trouble

5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Article: 
Submitting Your Site To The Open Directory
8. Our Companion Ezine 
9. Administrivia

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1. Sponsor's Message



Master the Big 3 of Product, Site-selling, and Traffic-building, and there's simply no way to fail.

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2. First Word



Hi All!


We return to the important subject of online marketing of offline businesses again this week, with a Product Review of Sharon Fling's eBook 'How To Promote Your Local Business On The Internet'. If you have any interest in the subject, have a good look at this one.


Thought For the Week: 

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds."

- Francis Bacon

Till next week, have a good one!



3. Tips, Tools, News and Views



Get Their Attention With A Slide Show: Free Script


Most business websites could use a lift. If you'd like to do better at gaining and holding your visitors' attention, why not give them a slide show? Willmaster's Popup Slide Show could be just what you want. Perhaps you want to give step-by-step instructions for placing an order. Maybe you want to show photos of a multi-stage process. Maybe how to assemble your product. Even a series of testimonials. In any situation where the information is best broken down into bite-sized chunks, Popup Slide Show will work for you.


This is another great free script from William Bontrager of Willmaster. See a demo, and download the script, at http://willmaster.com/possibilities/demo/slideshow.shtml 


Seek, And Ye Shall Find


That's what they say, and they're right. If you don't go looking, you're not likely to find. And what happens when you don't find what you want? You go somewhere else to seek. Sadly, so do your website visitors!  There are a number of ways to help your visitors find information on your site. Well-written, well laid out pages are a start. Good navigation helps. A site map can help those who are a bit more savvy. And let's not forget a Search function on your site. No, don't knock it. There's a good chance that your visitors actually found your site using a Search function from somewhere else! 


If you'd like to add Search to your site, Atomz is the one we chose for WME. It works well, looks good, gives relevant results, and the price is right...Free, if your website is under 500 pages. To learn more, just visit http://www.atomz.com/search/trial_account.htm

Cluetrain Manifesto Thesis #8, #9, #10

"In both internetworked markets and among intranetworked employees, people are speaking to each other in a powerful new way."

"These networked conversations are enabling powerful new forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge."

"As a result, markets are getting smarter, more informed, more organized. Participation in a networked market changes people fundamentally."

Read the whole Cluetrain Manifesto at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/cluetrain.htm

WME Supported By...

The Wit Wizard skewers the greed grubbing corporate scum
suckers, the flag-draped political hacks and the tattooed
slime who infect sports/entertainment -- all in good taste.
<mailto:[email protected]>

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Product Review: 'How To Promote Your Local Business On The Internet' eBook.

The 'Web Marketing' field can be very inbred. Web Marketing 'Guru's' who never marketed in the real world abound. Much of what is written and preached reminds me of the worst elements of MLM- selling people on the idea of selling people, on the idea of...you know what I'm getting at. Somewhere along the line, it only makes sense when there is a real product, with real value to a real customer. That's what real-world marketing is about.

Having been a real-world Marketer for 40 years (I started VERY young!), I was happy to read of Sharon Fling's new eBook, 'How To Promote Your Local Business On The Internet'. Any common-sense advice that helps small and medium sized local businesses use the immense Marketing power of email and the Internet would get my strong support. The excerpts printed in her free ebook (download a copy at http://www.WebMarketingEzine.com/downloads/mylbo.exe), and her article which we printed last week, made me think the advice would be good. I got my own copy, and it was!

'How To Promote Your Local Business On The Internet' should be owned by every real-world business. There wouldn't be 5% of businesses that use email and the internet anywhere near as effectively as they could right now. Does that include you? If it does, it's costing you money today, and it will cost you bigtime in the future if your competition wakes up first. My advice? Get in first, with the no-nonsense, profit-boosting ideas Sharon shares in her book. You'll not only find the advice good, but the layout's very easy to read- it's reminiscent of Ken Evoy's style in that bible of Web Marketing, MYSS. There are plenty of useful resources and links in Sharon's book, not to mention some excellent bonuses.

Just throwing up a website isn't enough to harness the power of this new technology. Sharon correctly nominates email as the 'Killer App' that will make all the difference. Apply the lessons in this eBook to your real-world business, and your investment will be returned many, many times. To learn more about boosting YOUR local business, just visit http://www.webmarketingezine.com/cgi-bin/a/t.cgi?loc

(Disclosure: I am an Affiliate for Sharon's book)

Spyware Links

This week's issue of Dennis Gaskill's great 'Almost a Newsletter' features a number of sites related to the growing problem of Spyware, personal privacy, and Internet security. Have you ever wondered where spam comes from? Spyware can be one source.

- Here's a huge list of known spyware, you may want to check it against the programs on your computer:

- AdAware, the best Spyware detection and removal tool, it's free:

Another option is SpyBot Search and Destroy:

- Internet privacy class action lawsuit filed against Netscape and
AOL for alleged engagement in covert surveillance of file transfers
between web sites and Internet users. If you use either, you might
want to check this out:

- A spyware forum for your questions and answers:

- SpyChaser, a free software program you can type a product name
into, to see if it's spyware before you download it.

- SpyChecker, similar to the above but you check for spyware
online, like you'd perform a search at a search engine.

- Gibson Research, one of the best sites on the net dealing with
security and privacy issues. Also some very nice freeware:

- ZoneAlarm, top quality firewall, free for personal use:

- AVG free antivirus software, a very good product:


To subscribe to Dennis' award-winning 'Almost a Newsletter', just visit his  home page, at http://www.boogiejack.com



WME Supported By...

Professional Web Design Secrets the Pros Don't Want You to Know...


"Finally, a Web design course that makes total and complete sense! Web Design Mastery will quickly become the "Bible" for anyone who wants to build a website. Totally top shelf!"- Rick Beneteau


Nothing is left to the imagination...Web Design Mastery takes you step by step through the entire process. Don't miss out on the special, introductory price, or the bonuses, click here!



Free Training Course of the Week:
Negotiation- Closing The Deal

This 4-hour course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of using smart negotiating skills in business or daily situations, and explains how to get past emotional blocks into the final stages of offers and counteroffers to close a negotiation.

To take this, and many other free training courses, visit


E-Commerce Term of the Week: ZIP or .zip

A Windows-based compressed file. ZIP is the industry standard for data compression technology, in part because it can hold directory structures in addition to files. On the Net, large graphics and programs are usually compressed as ZIP files and then made available for download. After you download a ZIP file, you need to use a decompression software program to "unzip" it. This may sound a bit complicated, but in fact, the process of zipping and unzipping files is quite easy. It especially comes in handy when you want to send digital photos to a family member.


-Source: NetLingo- The Internet Dictionary http://www.netlingo.com
The NetLingo Dictionary book is 528-pages of over 2500 terms. Learn more...


WME Supported By...


Know Your Perfect Price... In 50 Minutes

Invest less than an hour of your time -- the MYPS! system will mathematically generate a pricing strategy you can truly have confidence in... and it will show you why.  


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4. A Touch of Humor



In Trouble

A 60-year-old man went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor told him, "You're in terrific shape. There's nothing wrong with you. Why, you might live forever. You have the body of a 35 year old. By the way, how old was your father when he died?"

The 60 year old responded, "Who said he was dead?"

The doctor was surprised and asked, "How old is he and is he very active?"

The 60 year old responded, "Well, he is 82 years old and he still goes skiing three times a season and surfing three times a week during the summer."

The doctor couldn't believe it. "Well, how old was your grandfather when he died?"
The 60 year old responded again, "Who said he was dead?"

The doctor was astonished. He said, "You mean to tell me you are 60 years old and both your father and your grandfather are alive? Is your grandfather very active?"

The 60 year old said, "He goes skiing at least once a season and surfing once a week during the summer. Not only that," said the patient, "my grandfather is 106 years old, and next week he is getting married again."

The doctor said, "At 106 years old, why on earth would your grandfather want to get married?"

His patient looked up at the doctor and said, "Who said he wanted to?"


5. Classified Ads

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6. Free Training Courses

Increase your knowledge; hone your skills; improve your results! Take advantage of some of the finest FREE training courses on the Web by visiting our Free Training Course listing at;

You'll find courses on IT, Computing, Software, Business and Personal Development.
With over 35 courses to choose from, you're sure to find something!


7. Feature Article


Submitting Your Site To The Open Directory

by Sumantra Roy 

This week's Feature Article can be viewed online at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/searchengines/se9.shtml

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9. Administrivia


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