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Web Marketing Ezine

September 4th., 2002                 Issue #205                  ISSN 1444-2027



1. Sponsor's Message
2. First Word
3. Tips, Tools, News and Views


A Super Hosting Package

- Cluetrain Manifesto Thesis #15, #16
Using A CSS "Include"

David And Goliath:  Winning PR

Free Training Course of the Week: Microsoft FrontPage 2002

- E-Commerce Term of the Week: Certificate Authority

4. A Touch of Humor:
Green Up

5. Classified Ads
6. Free Training Courses
7. Feature Article: 
If You Can't Spell Customer, How Can You Serve One
8. Our Companion Ezine 
9. Administrivia

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1. Top Sponsor's Message



"I�ve been fortunate enough to enjoy considerable success online. The key method I used was to keep advertising costs down while using the most effective avenues. I didn�t understand how to do this until I read Shawn Casey�s book, Mining Gold On the Internet. I highly recommend Mining Gold On the Internet.
- Joseph Humpherys MoreWebSales.com

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2. First Word


Hi All!


A couple of days ago, I sent out a solo mailing for an interesting offer from Shaun Kidd, entitled 'How to design your own website in 60 seconds flat!'. The funny thing, is that Shaun didn't receive it. My best guess is that his ISP blocked either the particular message, or Topica (our current host) itself. 


If you've been missing mail that you expected, from sources you trust, check it out. If your ISP is blocking it, tell them! They need to know that some of the software they are using to protect you from spam, is a case of the cure being worse than the disease! If you missed Shaun's offer, give it the old ocular, at http://ebizztec.com/webmaking.htm


Thought For the Week: 

"Price is what you pay, but Value is what you get"

- John Payne

Till next week, have a good one!




3. Tips, Tools, News and Views



A Super Hosting Package


You'll have to excuse me, but I'm going to make a straight-up 'plug' for a commercial product. Many WME readers will be aware that our hosting is done with Host4profit. The reasons we chose to use their service (from a long list of good reasons), will be of interest to you...


- Plenty of storage for you to grow into- 300 megs

- Heaps of bandwidth to play with- 10 gig/month

- Your own IP number- You don't get blocked because someone else is spamming

- High reliability- on daily checks we've had 100% uptime

- fast loading time- stops your customers from clicking away

- Your own CGI-bin- create a powerful, selling, interactive site

and the list goes on and on...


We've been happy to pay $24.95 a month for what we consider the best package of its kind available anywhere. As the Publisher of WME, I've naturally followed with interest the dropping of prices for web hosting... $14.95, $9.95, $7.95, even $4.95. As I look at the features of these packages, I'm constantly reminded of the sign I placed on one of my office doors...


"Price is what you pay, but Value is what you get."


You don't have to dig very far to find the things that are missing in the cheaper web hosting packages- advantages and fundamental necessities that we certainly weren't prepared to forego. Then came a very pleasant surprise.


Instead of cutting their price and quality, Host4Profit have done what I admire most in Marketers. They've decided to add tremendously to the value of their package, while holding the price. You'll find it hard to believe that they can offer all this for $24,95 a month...


- our favorite Business Level web hosting package, PLUS

- a complete follow-up sequential autoresponder system, PLUS

- a complete ad tracking system that tracks up to 1000 links, PLUS

- plug-in cash-generating websites, PLUS

- free membership to the famous Warriors Forum, PLUS

- a free subscription to GuruKiller- Plans and Ideas to help you become your own guru.


I truly believe that this package offers you tremendous value, but I'd like you to check it out for yourself. Firstly, because there's so much detail on so many benefits, that I can't scratch the surface here. Secondly, because I am a Host4Profit affiliate, you're entitled to be cautious about accepting what I say on the subject!


Do yourself a favor- check this wonderful offer out right now. You or someone you know needs it. The program is called WarriorPro, and you can read all about it at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/superhosting.htm


Cluetrain Manifesto Thesis #15, #16


"In just a few more years, the current homogenized "voice" of business�the sound of mission statements and brochures�will seem as contrived and artificial as the language of the 18th century French court."


"Already, companies that speak in the language of the pitch, the dog-and-pony show, are no longer speaking to anyone."


Read the whole Cluetrain Manifesto at http://www.webmarketingezine.com/cluetrain.htm


WME Supported By...


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Using A CSS "Include"


Cascading Style Sheets are used to set up standardized 'styles' for your web pages. Here's a great tip...

What if you could include all of your CSS styles into one file, and call it from one location on the top of each page? That's right ... you can.
Look at this example:
<LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="basics.css" TYPE="text/css">

If we place this file inside our <HEAD> tags, the browser will parse this files content and apply your styles wherever applicable on the rest of your page.

This is what "basics.css" could look like:
a:link {font-family:Tahoma; font-size:11px; color:cccc80; font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none;}
td {font-family:Tahoma; font-size:11px; color:000000;}

The above example will set links to Tahoma 11px, Olive, Bold, No underline. We have also declared that text inside a table cell (TD) should be Tahoma 11px, Black.

Style sheets are very powerful, and when used as includes, they are very flexible as well. Play with included style sheets and you'll see how much time and energy you will save!


- Source: Bravenet Webmaster Tips & Tricks


David And Goliath:  Winning PR


It's said that the Internet 'levels the playing field', making it easier for the small guy to succeed. True, but you still have to come up with the good idea- a 'better mousetrap', or a better way to publicize it. I loved this wonderful marketing/branding example from Mary Gillen's 'Marketing-Ideas-by-Email' Newsletter. It's called 'David vs. Goliath PR'

"MIBE reader Patti D. Hill, VP of Public Relations for BlabberMouth Marketing & PR wrote us with an answer to the 64-million dollar question: "How does a small marketing and PR company get noticed by a corporate giant?" Here's the scoop:

"We heard Goliath was looking for a partner to create a new branding campaign. We were up against some big dogs that were going to give us some pretty stiff competition. Having a name like BlabberMouth doesn't hurt. We're expected to come up with cool ideas. We did. It was called 'Get Your Brand Smokin'.'

Our 'Get Your Brand Smokin'' brochure is a little 5" x 7"piece printed on smoky brown paper and tape bound. We delivered it inside a stained cigar box with the BlabberMouth logo 'branded' on the lid. The brochure content is an informative piece that presents the concept of branding in a step-by-step lesson and clarifies any confusion on the subject. It also lists the ways in which BlabberMouth approaches the branding of one's company. It closes with an overview of our company and our competencies � short and succinct.

To create an even greater impact for the branding concept, we include a few cigars and a lighter in the box. A 'Blabber Girl' wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat delivered the branding package. A representative from the behemoth's marketing department was called to the reception area to receive the package. Should have seen her mouth drop! We hammered them! BlabberMouth received telephone calls, not only from the prospect's marketing manager, but we had so impressed the entire team, several employees wanted to quit the giant and come work for BlabberMouth. (Oops!)

So our brochure kicked butt. We smothered the large marketing firms who figured all they really needed to do was toss their stock brochures on the table and that would be that. And the moral of the story is, 'going the extra mile and having fun is a definite winner.' Oh yeah, the extra time was worth the effort." 

You can subscribe to 'A-Marketing-Idea-by-Email', or its companion publication, 'A-Creative-Idea by-Email' at http://ideasiteforbusiness.com/subscribeideas.cfm


WME Supported By...

Professional Web Design Secrets the Pros Don't Want You to Know...


"Finally, a Web design course that makes total and complete sense! Web Design Mastery will quickly become the "Bible" for anyone who wants to build a website. Totally top shelf!"- Rick Beneteau


Nothing is left to the imagination...Web Design Mastery takes you step by step through the entire process. Don't miss out on the special, introductory price, or the bonuses, click here!




Free Training Course of the Week:  Microsoft FrontPage 2002


If you want a great introduction to Microsoft FrontPage 2002, then you should visit this interactive tutorial offered by Microsoft themselves, at the Microsoft Insider Learning Libraries.


To take this, and many other free training courses, visit


E-Commerce Term of the Week: Certificate Authority


One of several safeguards for secure e-commerce and overall data transfer, a certificate authority is a third-party organization that creates digital certificates for a public key infrastructure (PKI). The certificate authority guarantees a user's identity and issues public and private "keys" for message encryption and decryption (coding and decoding). Essentially, the certificate authority guarantees that a user is the person he or she claims to be, and conversely, that the provider of the information is who the user believes he or she is accessing.

-Source: NetLingo- The Internet Dictionary http://www.netlingo.com
The NetLingo Dictionary book is 528-pages of over 2500 terms. Learn more...

WME Supported By...


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4. A Touch of Humor



Green Up

A builder was going through a house with the new owner. In the first room, she said "I want this room to be painted a light blue."

The builder went to the front door and yelled "GREEN UP!"

The builder returned to the house, where the woman told him that
the next room was to be bright red. He went to the front door and
yelled "GREEN UP!"

Next, the owner told the builder that the adjoining room was to be
tan. The builder went to the front door and yelled "GREEN UP!"

When he came back, the woman asked him "When I tell you colors,
you go out the front and yell "green up". What's that for?

The builder said, "Oh don't worry about that, I got a couple of
new workers laying the turf out front."




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7. Feature Article


If You Can't Spell Customer, How Can You Serve One (or Save one)?

by Dick Lee

Senior executives, the ones whose titles begin with "C," just can't seem to spell "customer." No matter how hard they try, it'll come out $$ or $$$ or $$$$ or some other variation on that theme. Or even more frequently, probably 'cause they can't remember the letters, business bigwigs spell "customer" with numbers. As in market size in dollars, total spending, disposable income, percentage share of market, and in the airline industry, "load factor." Gee, how personal. But then again, almost every time I get on a plane, I wind up feeling like "load factor."

Fact is their spelling's gotten so bad that we may have to help 'em just a bit. That would be a real act of kindness on our part, too, 'cause if they don't learn fast, their customers are going to be 'a leaving. Like ships leaving a sinking rat�or like business passengers leaving a bunch o' them arrogant airlines. In saying which I'm caused to remember a little segment I caught on Public Television's Lehrer News Hour the other night.

Seems these two business bigwig guests thought they could solve all the airlines' problems in one ten-minute segment. Yup, they did. Dash of financing here. Little schedule adjustments there. Fewer amenities there. More labor concessions here. And 'course a big splash of better economy (in which case customers will automatically and dutifully return to flying). Now they couldn't agree on whether point-to-point or hub and spoke scheduling would generate more profits, but what did it matter? Never once in the whole dang conversation did these two talking heads every concern themselves with what customers thought, what customers wanted, and especially how deeply airlines would have to scrape and bow before customers will end their air travel slowdown�if they ever do.

Which is why I devised this little spelling lesson:

What do airlines need to survive? More passenger revenues. 
Who generates these revenues? Passengers. 
Who decides whether to generate them? Passengers. 
Who's holding your fate in their hands? Passengers. 
And how do you spell "passengers?" C-u-s-t-o-m-e-r-s. 
And hey, we're talking about more than airlines here. If I were a senior exec in banking, financial services, software, telecomm, or a bunch 'o other industries, I'd take a similar spelling test myself. Right now. You betcha, I would.

- Republished with permission from CRMGuru.com (

Dick Lee is Practice Leader for Caribou Lake's Customer-1 consulting group. He is also the author of Strategic CRM: the Complete Implementation Manual and speaks worldwide on CRM topics. You can reach Dick at [email protected]. You Betcha you can!


8. Our Companion Ezine: A Better Life:ItsYourFuture!

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Finance- all aimed at helping YOU to take control of YOUR future!
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                            BE HAPPY BE HEALTHY LIVE LONG & PROSPER

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