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Email Marketing
The Easy Way

Why I Chose Dynamic Mail Communicator
by John Payne

Email Marketing remains a highly valuable tool for acquiring, informing and retaining customers. Reports of the death of email, to paraphrase Mark Twain, have been grossly overstated. Spam is a mighty annoyance, but it hasn't killed email.

Sure, there are new kids on the customer communication block, such as blogs, RSS and podcasting. They're getting a lot of press time, but they are still in their infancy. Relatively few customers use them for business information. We've also had bulleting boards and forums for many years... However, as a tool for businesses commumicating with customers, in my opinion, email is still King.

If you own a business, then one of the most important features of your Marketing Plan should be the development of an in-house email mailing list. You'll never get another means of communicating with your customers that is so immediate, so personal, so easy, and so cheap. If you haven't got such a list, start building one today!

Over a period of 5 years, I've probably sent over a million emails to subscribers of the different ezines I've published. That's not as many as some, but quite a few! I've used a number of different methods to distribute these emails, and along the way, I've learnt a very strong lesson...

Keep control of your list, and own the software that distributes it.

Over the years I've looked at, used and reviewed a number of software programs for creating and maintaining email lists, and for creating and sending the email messages. Far too often, like much software, it's been written by programmers who have little knowledge of business, and a seemingly diabolical sense of humour. Most of these people have never heard of KISS. (No, not the band- you're showing your age. I mean the old acronym for 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'.)

I'm about to launch a new ezine for the business my son David and I operate called Enviro-Friendly Products. You can check it out at

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Of all the software choices on offer, I'm going to go with Dynamic Mail Communicator- an offering from Australian software house Apex Pacific.

I want a program that is easy to use, versatile and fast, and for me, that's Dynamic Mail Communicator.

Here are some of the features that lead me to choose DMC...

  • I want our list to be 'clean'- I want to weed out email addresses that 'bounce'. DMC does this automatically.
  • I want our customers and visitors to be able to subscribe and unsubscibe without my intervention. DME does this automatically.
  • I want to be able to personalise messages to our subscribers. DMC allows this.
  • I want to send emails in Plain Text and Rich Text(HTML) message format. DMC allowa this.
  • I want to be able to add attachments to my mailings. DMC does this.
  • I want to be able to set up a series of messages/tutorials to be sent automatically by an intelligent autoresponder. DMC does this.
  • I want the messages to go out quickly, and I want to use my own SMTP server, rather that send through my ISP who can decide to cut me off. DMC does this, too.

The above list is of the features that are important to me, but they are only part of a long list of poweful features boasted by Dynamic Mail Communicator.

I'd strongly suggest you review the features of DMC for yourself, and see how it can be a powerful force for building your business, while still being easy to use, and affordable! You can read many testimonials from happy customers at their site.

You can check out fuller details of Mail Communicator, and the full range of the Dynamic Promotion Suite here.

Disclaimer: I am using a review copy of this program, supplied to me at no charge. I have also received free review copies of other software, which I have not chosen to use. Should you purchase a copy of any of the Dynamic Promotion Suite programs using our link, we will receive a small commission.
- John Payne, Editor.


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