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Marketing Jokes



Marketing is a very serious business, so that's all the more reason to poke fun at it! We hope you enjoy a few laughs with us, tell your friends about this page, and link to us from your website. Enjoy!



Marketing Joke   1     Dog-gone Amazing


Marketing Joke   2     Third Way


Marketing Joke   3     Marketing Explained


Marketing Joke   4     If At First You Don't Succeed... 


Marketing Joke   5     Informed Choice


Marketing Joke   6     The Pope and KFC     


Marketing Joke   7     Marketing Two-Upmanship


Marketing Joke   8     Getting To The Bottom of AOL's Marketing 


Marketing Joke   9     BMW Gets Blue Windscreen of Death


Marketing Joke 10     You'll Have To Go 


Marketing Joke 11     McDonnell Douglas Warranty Card


Marketing Joke 12     The Race


Marketing Joke 13     Apple Marketing


Marketing Joke 14     Man of Marketing 


Marketing Joke 15     The Top 10 Signs You Work In Marketing


Marketing Joke 16     Uh-Oh!


Marketing Joke 17     Good For Business 


Marketing Joke 18     Nominees For The Chevy Nova Award 


Marketing Joke 19     58 Headlines They Didn't Mean!


Marketing Joke 20     A Marketing Moral


Marketing Joke 21     Marketing Mis-Translations


Marketing Joke 22     Stuffed Menu Items From Around the World


Marketing Joke 23     Some Unfortunate Product Names


Marketing Joke 24     Ship It


Marketing Joke 25     A Marketing Dictionary


Marketing Joke 26     Location, Location... Real Estate Marketing


Marketing Joke 27     International Marketing Blunders


Marketing Joke 28     Marketing Training


Marketing Joke 29     Wilson Nails


Marketing Joke 30     You Might Be A Marketer If...


Marketing Joke 31     The Marketer And The Programmer


Marketing Joke 32     55 Classifieds That Went Wrong


Marketing Joke 33     Buzzword Bingo


Marketing Joke 34     The Marketing Plan


Marketing Joke 35     Marketing An Over-40 Barbie


Marketing Joke 36     The Marketer's Mercedes


Marketing Joke 37     Progress


Marketing Joke 38     Don't Stop Marketing


Marketing Joke 39     Two Beggars

We hope you've enjoyed sharing a laugh with us. Do your visitors a fun favor, and add a link to this page to your website...  We'll work out a way that we can both benefit from linking to each other.

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