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Ringing in the New Year with Promotional Items for Your Business
by John Payne 


John Payne has years of experience with promotional products and items.Promotional items are a very powerful selling point for businesses. For years, various businesses have been giving away items to get something from customers (for instance, a new order or just loyalty) in return. Moreover, studies actually show that giving away such promotional items does in fact work.


Here, we will talk about how you can use promotional items not only for the New Year’s holiday, but also the entire month of January, and to a lesser degree, December, in order to promote your business. Through statistics, we will prove to you how these simple investments can help to greatly boost your business over the next year.

Why Promotional Items?

As mentioned above, promotional items have been a staple of business and industry for years. Even during the early days of the Industrial Revolution, bigger brands were giving away things to clients like collectable prints, calendars, or pieces of clothing. Today, these promotional items have evolved into things like USB drives, pens, magnets, cups, and tote bags. However, the impetus behind giving these items in both eras was the same: to boost sales and increase brand loyalty. More often than not, this simple tactic works. Initial investment for a whole gamut of various promotional items is also a fairly cheap way to boost sales.

Do They Work?

But do promotional items truly work? Studies suggest that indeed, they do. Psychologically, the human brain is wired to want to give something in return upon receiving something. When you give an item to your clients (or even potential clients) no matter how small, they feel a bit of obligation toward you. This obligation can sow the seeds needed to start a business relationship. Studies show that sales jump when promotional items are offered to customers. Studies also show that the return on these items far outweighs the cost. Lastly, when you target these items to your audience, your results might surprise even you.


Great New Year’s Gifts

So what are some great New Year’s gifts you can offer your clients? Paper-based promotional products are a good choice. Examples include calendars, sticky notes with your logo, or just pads of paper with your logo. These are useful and fairly cheap. Most clients will keep them and then use them regularly, after. Other great promotional items include things like pens or promotional mugs (easily found at Pens.com) that are personalized for your company, and also to the client. Make them feel as if they are receiving something special. In most cases, a free item from your line of goods is also most welcome.


** The take away here is that your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and with a new year upon us, it is vital to ensure that the blood keeps flowing. Keep the loyal customers happy and the new customers coming by showing that loyalty flows in both directions. Promotional products are just one of the many fantastic mediums you have at your disposal.**

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