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Copywriting: How To Get Personal - And Sell Even More
by Joe Robson

We all know how impersonal the Web can be. Emails that rankle because the message wasn't thought out properly. Advice on a website by someone who doesn't reveal the identity and credentials of the writer. And the worst one of all ...

A newsletter that inserts your first name into every second paragraph!

Who would you be more inclined to buy from - a stranger who approaches you in the street, or someone who you feel has your interests at heart? Someone you know - by name and reputation - or a guy in a bright yellow suit who doesn't let you get a word in edgeways, and insists on calling you friend?

Unfortunately, the Internet is saturated by guys in yellow suits, and surfers are now so cynical about hard sell tactics, they automatically assume that just about every Internet marketer is out to con them.

So you need to get personal.

Here's a few tips on how to make your newsletter more effective...


Show Your Face

Every Website I own contains my photograph and my name. Not because I believe I'm handsome, suave, and sophisticated. Not for an ego trip. Not in the vague hope that Hollywood will discover me, but because it helps my reader to identify with a real live person. It's psychological. It's Joe Robson talking directly TO her and not AT her.


Use Her First Name Sparingly

A good place to start is in your email subject line...

'Jean, Your Weekly Newsletter' is personal - and it commands attention.

'Hi Jean' as your introduction, helps to relax her - unless her name is Margaret!

I personally only use my reader's first name twice in my newsletters and in the subject line. Any more than that, and it becomes repetitive and 'forced'.


Write As You Speak - Almost

I don't mean 'Hey man, what's cool?' but do try to write as if you're talking to someone you know personally. Someone you're having coffee with. A friend you're pleased to have bumped into again. Don't worry about the grammar - leave that to the novelists.

e.g. NOT "Would you like to know how to organize your daily workload?"

But "Look Jean, you do want to work less hours - don't you?"

Same number of words - different tone and much more effective.


Always Write To ONE Person

Personalizing your sales copy can dramatically increase response. But it loses its credibility if you start your newsletter with 'Hi Jean' and then say 'And a warm welcome to my 363 new subscribers this week'

Many a time I've had to rewrite a whole sentence or even a paragraph, to avoid this boo-boo.


Tell Her About Yourself

Just the occasional reference to your personal life can dramatically improve your credibility. You don't have to write your autobiography, but mentioning a family event, or a personal tid bit, tells your reader you're an ordinary person. A friendly person she can relate to, identify with - and trust.


Tidy Up Your Database

OK, this takes time, but the increased effectiveness of your newsletter will more than compensate for the effort involved.

Go through your database and correct the typos made when your subscriber signed up. Things like ...

Harry - not harry.

Sandie - not Sandie Everette-Marshall.

Delete Micky Mouse - he's not serious anyway. Unless you feel comfortable writing to a Disney cartoon character who only signed up to get your free ebook!

If you have a large database, hire a college student to go through it for you. All the time and effort you applied to writing your ezine will be completely wasted if your message contains a name that sounds foreign to your reader.

Because THE most powerful word in your reader's vocabulary is his first name.

He'll respond to it in a crowded room, at a football match, and on a radio playing in the background. So use it to your advantage.

But use it with care!

Joe Robson is co-author of 'Make Your Words Sell' with Ken Evoy and owns The Newbie Club  His universally respected Copywriting tutorials Website is at http://adcopywriting.com


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