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The Greatest Pop-Up Tactic that No One Knows About


by Ryan Deiss, creator of Pop-Up Rotator



Internet marketers and webmasters love to sing the praises of pop-ups.

And who can blame them? No other online tool or tactic can boast better results when it comes to increasing sales conversion rates and building opt-in lists.

But the purpose of this article is not to convince you to use pop-ups. On the contrary, I’m assuming that you’re already familiar with pop-ups, and have possibly even used them on your own site.

For this article, I want to bring to light an almost completely unknown tactic for using pop-ups. It’s nothing fancy or tricky. In fact, it’s the only pop-up method I know of that actually increases your revenues 
while at the same time decreasing the annoyance level that your visitors endure.

I have even coined a name for this “new” tactic. I call it pop-up rotation.

Here’s how pop-up rotation works...

When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, they are met with a pop-up asking them to signup for your ezine or download your free report. Since they’re already interested in what you have to offer, they joyfully take you up on the free report or subscription.

However, let’s say that very same visitor returns again. On most sites they would be met with the same pop-up they saw their first visit, or no pop-up at all (depending on whether or not the pop-up uses cookies).

But here’s the problem...

If this is your site, you’ve wasted a valuable opportunity, and squandered some of the most valuable real estate on your website. There’s also a very good chance that if the visitor keeps seeing the same pop-up over and over again that they’ll begin to get annoyed, and possible stop coming to your site. (That, of course, is a bad thing.)

But here’s the good news...your site is different, because you use pop-up rotation.

When that same visitor returns to your site a second time, they aren’t met with a pop-up that they’ve already seen (and no longer applies). Instead they’re met with a brand new pop-up that:

• Thanks them for returning to the site
• Makes them a new offer
• Offers them another freebie
• Or whatever else you can think of...

In short, pop-up rotation allows you to optimize your pop-up space by “rotating” different pop-ups and displaying them each time a visitor returns to your site.

The concept is simple, but incredibly effective!

Just think...instead of annoying your visitors with the same pop-up time and time again, you’ll now get to show them different pop-ups that will directly impact your profitability. 

Ok, so by now you have to be asking yourself, “So what do I need to do to my site to enable pop-up rotation?”

Well in all honesty, the programming is far too complicated to go into here, but the good news is that I created a handy software program that allows you to just plug in the specifications of your pop-ups and then easily generate the necessary coding.

I call the software, Pop-Up Rotator, and you can learn more about it by clicking on the link below:


So there you have it...the greatest pop-up tactic that no one knows about.

And now that the secret’s out, pop-up rotation is sure to become the internet standard for pop-ups as more and more people get wind of it.

If I were you, I would implement it as soon as possible...before 
your competition beats you to it. :-)


Pop-Up Rotation is a powerful new Web Marketing tactic that; 


- allows YOUR visitors to see a different pop-up every time they return to your site

- allows you to dramatically increase your subscription rate

- boosts your sales conversion ratio


Pop-Up Rotator can sell more products, increase your profits, and multiply your sign-ups. Learn how...



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