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Web Marketing Ezine

November 6th., 2002                 Issue #211                   ISSN 1444-2027


'Tween' Issue Contents

Now we're on a fortnightly publishing schedule, I'm finding that I have a couple of things I want to let you know about in the 'in-between' week. So the 'Tween' Issues are born. I won't promise them EVERY time, just when there's something worthwhile. SO, no fluff, let's just get to it... 



Free Publicity: Learn How With This Free e-Book


If advertising is what you pay for, then Free Publicity is what you pray for! George McKenzie can show you how to get it. Download his FREE ebook, "Free Publicity Fast Track" right now!



A Great Joke: A Marketing Moral


If you've ever wrestled with the problem of trying to please everybody, then this joke has a message for you!




A Wonderful 'New' Product


Disney, Dreamworks and Microsoft Announce "Next Generation Small Business Web Hosting"

November 5, 2007
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Disney Studios Florida and Dreamworks have partnered with Microsoft to launch a new online product to address the millions of small business and SOHO customers who need a successful online presence for their businesses. The product is called "The Web Wizard."

The product delivers the level of excellence expected from Microsoft in combination with the creative brilliance of Spielberg and Disney. The Web Wizard provides a simple A-Zpaint-by-number solution that takes the average person through a simple, step-by-step process that creates a Dreamworks-quality Web site experience and then applies all the necessary technology to automate the processes required to deliver targeted customers to the site.

The product is expected to retail for $300 per year and will include all support and hosting services in this price, making it available to the broadest possible market.

Bill Gates was personally on hand with his new partners to announce this e-commerce-changing revolution...

"We're delighted to bring e-commerce online, e-com in the broadest sense. After all, doing business on the Net should be as hard as using the phone for business. It's not about e-tail and shopping. The Web Wizard empowers ALL forms of small business to succeed, that's what I find so exciting."

The Web Wizard has already been heralded by the Harvard School of Small Business as the online breakthrough product of the decade. Harvard's Dean of Entrepreneurial Studies commented...

"It was either adopt this product as our small business curriculum or suffer a severe drop in enrolment. Books are fine, of course, and Harvard has achieved an excellent reputation through this learning paradigm. But when you blend information and tools into a process that WORKS, well... Harvard prides itself on staying on the cutting edge. And we're convinced this is how ALL small business will one day DO  BUSINESS on the Net."
Ken Evoy here, with John Payne.

You can get off the floor now. ;-)

It was a slow news day, so we made one up!

In case you missed it, please re-check the date of the "release" at the top of this news piece.

The press release is dated November 5, 2007. (Up here at SiteSell, we hold April Fool's Day on November 5, to REALLY catch everyone off guard!)

But there *IS* a SERIOUS MESSAGE in the above "press release," a message that is very, VERY real...

The product ALREADY exists, NOW. It's called Site Build It! and it does it all, as described. It does MUCH MORE, actually.... and will be doing even more... and more!

It will take "big business" 5 more years (hence the date on the above "release") to figure out that e-commerce has to be as easy as using the phone to do business. Why? The ivory towers of "big business" are far, far above the trenches that you and I work in, every day. So try Site Build It! today, completely risk-free (keep the domain you register as our gift just for trying it)...

Want a fast "how it works" demo? Take the Quick Tour SlideShow 

Or, for full information and TO GET YOUR OWN IDEAS of how you can use SBI! to either enhance your offline business or to create and grow an online one, please visit SiteSell.



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