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Web Marketing Articles


Web Marketing is a broad field. On this page, we gather free Web Marketing articles from many of the leading authorities and practitioners in the field.




Web Marketing: Advertising
Internet Advertising FAQ Shelley Lowery

Web Marketing: Branding

Mona Lisa Your Branding Sean D'Souza
Santa's Marketing Works Better Than Yours Sean D'Souza
Ringing in the New Year with Promotional Items for Your Business John Payne

Web Marketing: Copywriting

12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template David Frey
How To Get Personal, And Sell Even More Joe Robson
Top 10 Tips On Sales Letter Writing Larry Chase
It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Say It Michel Fortin
How To Write Invisible Sales Copy Joe Robson
Writing Effective Google Adwords Select Ads Michael Wong
To Increase Sales, Use Up Words Michael Fortin
How To Create An Irresistible Offer David Frey
Write Your Sales Copy for Scanners Joe Robson
How To Write A Sexy Article Teaser  Debbie Weil
Writing Copy: Use The Right Words Michel Fortin
What Video Games Can Teach Us Joe Valente

Email Marketing

7 Key Email Marketing Tactics Dan Thies
Email Marketing How-To Jim Daniels
Email Marketing Fundamentals Pt 1. Marketing Find
Email Marketing Fundamentals Pt. 2. Marketing Find

Web Marketing: Ezines and Newsletters

Create Loyal and Responsive Subscribers Paul Myers

Web Marketing Interviews:

An Interview With Corey Rudl

Web Marketing: Local Business

Promote Your Local Business Online 7 ways Sharon Fling
Internet Marketing For Offline Businesses Rick Beneteau
8 reasons To Get Your Local Business Online Sharon Fling
Internet Marketing For Local Small Business David Frey
Relationship Marketing For Small Local Business Sharon Fling
Has The Web Gone Local? Jim Daniels

Web Marketing: Strategy and Tactics

Web Marketing Strategy Bob Serling
The Secret To Effective Lead Generation Bob Serling
Marlon Sanders' Amazing Formula Robert Gardner
The Marketing Strategy Blueprint Bob Serling

Personal Growth And Self Improvement:

And Who Might You Be? Charles Burke

Polls, Surveys and Feedback:

The Power Of Questions Paul Myers

Web Marketing: Pricing

Price Your Product For Maximum Profit David Frey

Publicity and Public Relations:

Free Publicity: The Media's Hot Buttons George McKenzie
Position Yourself As An Expert George McKenzie
Get Free Publicity by 'Talking The Talk' George McKenzie

Referrals and Testimonials:

Referrals Bob Serling


Tactics To Increase Your Site's Ad Sales Kamau Austin
Validating Credit Card Numbers On-The-Fly Will Bontrager
ClickBank Affiliates; Link Directly To Product Will Bontrager

Web Marketing: Spam

Spam-Proof Your Website Dan Thies
What If You Accidentally Spam The Engines Paul J. Bruemmer

Scripts, Javascript CGI

Dealing With CGI Installation Jitters Will Bontrager

Website Marketing:

The Greatest Pop-Up Ad Tactic Ryan Deiss

We hope you enjoyed this collection of free Web Marketing articles. If you have any favorites you think belong here, let us know!


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